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The Arlug, one of the most important Brazilian rental companies for compressed air equipments for constructions and industries, has began its successful journey for over 30 years. Founded in Sao Paulo city by Antonio Francisco Barber in April 1985, the company was used to have only one seller (Antonio himself), one mechanic and some disassembled compressors.

Three years later, in 1988, the company got its first new electric compressor. The compressor number 100. From now on, the Airlug never stopped growing. Besides the headquarters in Sao Paulo, nowadays the Airlug is a national reference on civil construction and industry markets, with offices in Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, through the rental of electric and diesel air compressors, power generators and pneumatic tools. In addition, the Arlug also has a Logistics and Maintenance office that offers maintenance services for industry.

During all those years, always investing in your staff, maintenance and equipment, and offering the best quality and an exclusive service, the Arlug won more than just costumers. It established true working partnerships and participated on millions works in all Brazilian states. And it is delivering on this way that Arlug intends to continue supporting its partners to build the Brazil for many years.

Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental responsibility is not limited to the equipment rental following the norms regulated by its specific legislation, we are also aware of the consequences generated by the inappropriated use of these equipments and its wastes; by this reason, the Arlug has developed mechanisms to minimize the impacts on the environment.

Find below some actions:

  • In our machine shops, we implemented a rainwater catchment system for reuse. The water is mainly used to wash equipments and facilities;
  • Filters and oils originating from our preventing and corrective maintenances return to our deposits and are collected by and specialized and certified company that will provide the appropriated destination to them.
  • We integrate the maintenance of our equipments, the necessaries adjustments needed for the proper functioning of the injection pumps, aiming to reduce the pollution generated by them;
  • We participate on selective collection of papers, packaging, batteries and electronic waste programs.
  • Our attention about the environment goes beyond. We also seek to maintain our costumers facilities free from contaminants that could be generated by our equipments, ensuring the lowest environmental impact.


The Arlug is a compressed air rental company used on industries and civil constructions. Offering an individualized support, agile service and personalized solutions following the needs of each costumer.


The Arlug provides alternative energies to move special equipments used on industries and civil constructions. Keeping your variety of equipments with updated technology and respecting the legislation and environment. Your goal is to be the most reputable rental company from MERCOSUR.
Be recognized by the higher level of competence and commitment of its employees. And be the preferred partner by service excellence, getting the admiration of everyone involved on the processes to achieve goals.


Don´t waste your time, our consultants are ready to support you!

Equipments for Rental

We use Atlas Copco and Chicago Pneumatic equipments. Find the best one for your work.

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  • Phone São Paulo: +55 011 2344 2588
    +55 011 3368 7225
  • Phone Rio de Janeiro: +55 021 3346 0785
  • Mobile and Whatsapp: +55 011 97144 6100
  • E-mail: helenazago@arlug.com.br
  • Msn 1: helenazago@hotmail.com
  • Skype: arlugbrasil

Technical Management

  • Mobile and Whatsapp:+55 011 99950 5491
  • E-mail: renatobarbeiro@arlug.com.br
  • Msn: barbeiro_renato@hotmail.com

Adm. Management

  • Mobile and Whatsapp: +55 011 97140 3570
  • E-mail: jose@arlug.com.br

Financial Department

  • E-mail: admfin@arlug.com.br

Purchasing Department

  • Phone: +55 011 2344 2581
  • E-mail: compras@arlug.com.br

Billing Department

  • E-mail: adm@arlug.com.br

Technical Department

  • Mobile and Whatsapp: +55 011 97130 5788
  • E-mail: tecnico@arlug.com.br


 São Paulo Headquarters

  • Address: Av João Paulo da Silva 50 Cidade Dutra
  • Phone: +55 011 2344 2588 / +55 011 3368 7225
  • Skype: arlugbrasil

Northeast Office

  • Address: Recife-PE
  • Skype: arlugbrasil

Rio de Janeiro Office

  • Address: Rua General Correa e Castro, 308 – Jd América – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
  • Telefone:  +55 021 3346-0785
  • Skype: arlugbrasil

South Office

  • Address: Florianópolis-SC
  • Skype: arlugbrasil

Midwest Office

  • Address: Campo Grande/MS
  • Skype: arlugbrasil